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June 11, 2023 Bryan crew

We would like to give our Bryan crew a big round of applause for being good sports and hardworking! We managed to get their limits of walleye and Matt reeled in a few himself but not without some engine problems.

We made it out to North of Kelley's and put our new Albemarle with Yamaha autopilot on and our steering completely stopped working. Matt shut the boat off and restarted, still no steering, he shut it down again and waited a few minutes and thankfully the steering returned. Meanwhile our crew was thinking what the hell, isn't this a new boat?

The steering did continue to work but no autopilot again.

After the crew had a few beers & fish were hitting the deck, they were feeling better about the trip.

Tru-Trips 35/45 back with spoons, speed 2.0-2.5 mph.

We will be canceling or rescheduling trips until we know the boat is running properly. Not very safe or smart to take people out when your steering is acting up. #albemarle, #yamaha, #yamahaoutboards, #albemarlesport

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