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Cedar Point Softball Tournament

Today we picked up Gavin, Noah, Sam, Lucas, & Mike from Cedar Point. The guys are in town this weekend for a big softball tournament, that their sisters are playing in. As you can see we had one dad (Mike) slip in at the last minute.

We made our long trek East, which didn't take as long as yesterday did....the lake was glass.

Matt & I started to set up and immediately it was a fire drill. Matt had a 50 Tru-Trip with a BADMO Arrowhead spoon behind it, brought in the first walleye. My dipsy set on zero setting 32 ft back also with a BADMO Arrowhead spoon hit hard and it was game on.

Everything we had out caught. We had our dipsies on the three setting 66-72 ft back, Bandits 120-100 ft back behind Off Shore Planer Boards. The walleye seem to prefer orange and blue today. Speed 2.5 mph.

The boys did an AWESOME JOB reeling in and listening to us. Lucas reeled in the first big walleye early that was on a Bandit 120 back and did the guys get excited on the 27 incher.

We kept them busy and entertained Thanks to Noah's most excellent playlist.

The guys are grilling the walleye tonight after the softball games. I'm pretty sure they will have enough to feed the whole team.

They ended up with their 5 limits and Matt reeled in his. I wanted to stay out and reel mine in but I happen to look at the radar and saw a storm passing over the Indiana - Ohio line and I said we're done. We hurried our way back, dropped them off and made it home just as the storm hit....great timing for once.

Definitely, a memorable and fun day on the water.

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