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What to bring

We provide all the fishing, safety gear, water and a light snack.  You are welcome to bring food and drink (no bottles).

We ask that you DO NOT bring coolers on the boat.  We have a large cooler we can transfer you things into.  Bring and leave in your car a large cooler for the fish.

Click on link above.

Please fill out for each person in your party, and either email or bring with you the day of the trip.  These must be filled out before we can leave


Please have a current Ohio Fishing License.  The link is above.


Dress in layers

It may be warm on land but the water temp could still be cold.  Dressing in layers is the way to go.  You can always take off clothes you have.


Sun protection

It may be cold out but the sun can still be brutal.  Please bring sun screen, sun glasses, & a hat.

Motion sickness medicine is recommended to anyone that has never been on Lake Erie before.  

We suggest taking the medicine the night before and the morning of the trip.

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