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Fishing 5/13/23

This report starts with yesterday's 5-12-23 fun fishing with a couple of our neighbors. The pictures with the sun and short sleeves is from yesterday. Since we were fun fishing we were not in a rush to get out so we leisurely left around 7 a.m. and stopped at a couple spots on our way out to Kelley's. We ended up on the NW corner of Kelley's around 8:30-9. Only a couple dozen boats out there by We had a mix of baits going, Bandit's and Flicker Minnows, and 2 dipsies with arrowhead spoons. We caught 1 really nice walleye on the dipsey setting 3 on starboard side 44 feet back. Bandits caught a couple 75-85 ft back and the Flicker Minnows 30/30 all behind Offshore Planer Boards, speed 1.9-2.2 mph. We only ended up with 9 but that will make a nice fish fry for our neighbors.

Today 5-13 We had Butch, Julianne, Todd & Aaron from Ohio. We decided on a early start due to the wind forecast. It was supposed to kick up NE by 10 a.m. We headed to NW Kelley's again, it was cloudy and still fairly dark when we started to set up. Matt had 2 lines out when the first fish hit....yippee! Before I knew it we had 8 in the box in less then an hour. Awesome!! Finally a feeding frenzy I thought to myself! WRONG! After a ton of boat traffic and the wind kicked up with rain the bite stopped. Lots of marks on the fish finder but no takers. We changed things up, which helped pick up 4 more. We finally decided to make a move which produced 3 more nice walleyes before our time ran out. While the fish were cooperating, Bandits 85 back did the best, then dipsies with arrowhead spoons coming in second. We had our dipsies setting 0 back 20-25 and setting 3 back 40-50. I had a couple fish come on Flicker Minnows 30/30. We had 3 short walleyes, 5 sheepshead and we lost 2 nice walleye at the boat. Our crew were very pleased with their 15 walleyes. We are off the next couple of days. Happy Mother's Day!!

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