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5-16-23 Millersburg, Ohio guys

Today we had a fun bunch of guys from Millersburg, Ohio, Trevor, Travis, Mike & Jared. It had been awhile since any of them fished Lake Erie and their first time trolling. We head to NE corner of Kelley's before the sun came out this morning. The first walleye came in on my side (port) just as soon as I finished setting my lines up. I had two Deep Diving Bandits 88ft back and 73ft back, two Flicker Minnows (11s) 68 back and 30/30 and two dipsies out with BADMO Arrowhead Spoons, setting zero 25ft back & setting three 44ft back. The first walleye came in on my 88ft chrome Bandit, then my dipsy set at three 44 back hit. Then Matt's side started up. I believe he had similar set up as I did except he had Deadeyes instead of Bandits. We reeled in five nice walleyes before the sun was up and then the bite died....again. We changed lures, direction, speed...etc. and made a slow pick at them. We tried a few other spots before we called it a day. The guys were having fun and were happy with the 14 walleye they were taking to get cleaned. Dipsies with spoons definitely took the most fish today, with Bandits in close second, then Flicker Minnows. Leads were all over the place 100ft-28ft with the crank baits, the dipsies were 20ft-60ft Speed 1.9-2.2 mph on GPS, chrome bodies seemed to do the best today. We are off until Friday. +2

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