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The Sito Family June 23

Making memories for the Sito family. Mark had wanted to take his sons and grandson fishing for walleyes on Lake Erie and today was the day he had been waiting for and it did not disappoint. Every time I looked at Mark he had a huge smile on his face, he knew this was a day he and his boys wouldn't forget.

We started north of Kelley's near the Canadian border. There was some NE rollers left over from the last few days, so we set up near the border and pointed the boat SW so the waves were behind us. We ran Tru-Trips with spoons 30-45 back and we both had a dipsey off the corner, setting one, 35 ft back. It was a very nice steady pick the first couple hours then the wind died and we were stuck on 14. We made a slight move and some adjustments and ended up with their limits and I even got to reel one in. The water temp had dropped to 65 degrees since last week...thank you NE wind. Speed 2.25-2.5 mph. Lots and lots of mayfly carcasses floating around. Mark and his group did an outstanding job reeling in fish and taking orders. We all had a great time! We are back at it tomorrow.

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