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Take me out to the ballpark or lake

Today we had a fun fishing charter with Cody, Matt, Cayl & Dane Poncsak. They hit one out of the park.

Dane, Cody, & Matt are currently in town to umpire the Toledo Mudhens games until Sunday night. Dane & Cayl are part of our Bryan family, so when we heard Dane was in town and wanted to fish Lake Erie we were happy to take them out.

We started up East of Pelee Island, landed 16 nice walleyes. Then the wind picked up and we decided to try closer to home. I believe we ended up with one more before the boys called it due to weather, (wind).

It was awesome seeing the Poncsak boys again. Cayl and our youngest Hannah used to be thick as thieves. It was also, great meeting Cody & Matt and hearing about minor league umpiring fun. We will be watching them live Sunday night in Toledo. I believe Matt is behind the plate... poor guy.

Tru-Trips 30-45 back with spoons did the work.

Back at it tomorrow.

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