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June 29 New Zealand second day

This was our second day with Terry, Nick, Liam, & Kerry and it was awesome!! We ran up to the east side of Kelley's and started marking fish and thought why not.? We trolled north and south just to be safe to stay out of the fishing nets, that seem to be everywhere over there.

Big Fish Tuff Tru-trip 40's with spoons caught 95% of the walleye. Matt tried Flicker Minnow 11's for a short period of time, I believe he caught 2 maybe 3 before going back to spoons. Speed 2.25-2.75 mph trolling north and south both produced well. We found a nice hole filled with walleye and just continued to go back and forth on it. Not another boat in sight and only 3 short walleye.

Our crew had a blast and are excited to fry up all their walleye for their family this weekend.

We will be off for awhile to spend the holiday with our family and friends. Everyone have a safe and fun Fourth of July holiday.

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